• Core Belief

    Organizational effectiveness stems from enabling and inspiring all of your people to fully contribute in achieving your goals. This requires dynamic leaders who fully understand themselves and their teams as well as full alignment of all the organization's supporting structures - incentive systems, skills, processes, and hierarchy to name a few.


    Why Capman

    I've had the privilege of leading in multiple premier global organizations - the US Navy, McKinsey, GE, Honeywell, as well as smaller privately held companies. In all those experiences, one defining element stood out - the deep satisfaction that comes from helping leaders and their organizations make lasting improvements. I founded Capman so I could fully focus on this passion.



    I leverage my global leadership experience and knowledge to provide practical, real-world support and advice.

    I utilize meaningful data and rigorous processes to guide a collaborative effort.

    I support you and your team's personal development in a safe and challenging environment.



    Services Include: Executive Coaching, Leadership Team Effectiveness, Talent Development and Retention, Organizational Alignment, Effective Decision Making, Implementing Management Operating Systems, and Acquisition Integration Support.



    The Capman logo depicts the Asanoha pattern from the Japanese art of Kumiko. It is built on a simple underlying framework made whole by the pieces that fill in the pattern. When built well, the pieces support each other, so no glue is required. The pattern is timeless and infinitely expandable, something so many organizations strive for.

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