• Experience


    As a leader who's held P&L responsibility in 30 countries, I understand what it takes to drive lasting change in individuals and organizations. Here's some of my experiences I can draw on as we work together.

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    Leadership Training Program

    Developed and deployed a comprehensive leadership and management training program for professional services firm. Focus areas included critical conversations, talent development, and implementing a Management Operating System (MOS). Program provided demonstrably improved skill levels and built common culture across the organization.

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    New Business Creation

    Built new organization to target high growth regions of Middle East, Turkey, Russia, and Africa. Designed new reporting structure and corporate support model, recruited leadership teams, created management operating system, set goals, and established culture to support new strategy.

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    Mid-Career Talent Development

    Co-led development program for high-potential mid-career employees from Africa, Middle East, Russia, and much of Central Asia (CIS). This year-long effort built management skills, created a common culture, and enhanced loyalty and motivation.

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    Acquisition Integration

    Teamed with leaders of acquired and parent companies to identify and protect the unique processes, tools, and organizational relationships that underpinned the acquired firms' success while also integrating non-core processes. As a result, acquired firms quickly exceed aggressive targets and retained all employees. Founder/leaders soon moved into larger roles within the broader organization.

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    Talent Development and Retention

    Partnered with an early career, high-potential employee to develop and deploy a comprehensive internship program. The program set and ensured global standards for meaningful work experience and mentoring. Highly praised by both participants and hiring managers, it provided an outstanding ability to develop and evaluate the incoming class. All offers were accepted, locking up top industry talent, dramatically improving organizational diversity, and reducing future recruiting expense.

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    Organizational Redesign

    Led executive team through a simple, but powerful process to gain agreement on the optimal organizational structure to achieve their vision and goals. Realigned tools, processes and procedures to support the new structure. Transformation occurred ahead of schedule with minimal organizational distraction, unlocking multiple growth opportunities.