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    A results-driven approach to improving your organizational and personal performance

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    Testimonials and Endorsements

    Read the stories of leaders and organizations Pete has helped to transform

    "I worked very closely with Pete for nearly 3 years. He was a trusted advisor and we openly discussed our personal strengths / stretches, which led to increased self-awareness, including how to better leverage my skills. I particularly appreciated how he provided counsel through some of my biggest challenges, which ultimately made me a better executive and helped me land my dream job.”

    Raj Arora, CEO, Global Engineering Firm

    “I asked Pete to turn around a 3,000 person, $700 million, underperforming operation that spanned Europe, Turkey, and North Africa. He quickly identified the core issues and created a clear and effective plan to get the focus back on the client. This required setting a common vision, aligning all aspects of the organization to fully support this new path, and leveraging a dynamic and genuine leadership style. Employee and customer satisfaction soared, and significant revenue and profit growth soon followed.”

    Paul Orzeske, Division President of Fortune 50 company

    “ . . . Pete has an admirable hands-on and transparent management approach that allowed employees of all levels to feel heard and valuable. . . . It is very refreshing to work with Pete because you can sense that he is coming from a place of genuine care, and I saw him as a natural mentor and trusted advisor to countless staff (myself included) despite the difference in experience levels. Pete has a talent for empowering others and pushing them to their full potential, and it was an absolute privilege to work closely with that kind of leader so early in my career.”

    Elizabeth Coffey, Intern Program Manager, Engineering Consultant

    “I took a big jump from managing a small local team (where everyone reported directly to me) to leading a large, dispersed, and multi-layered one. Pete significantly helped me to improve my leadership skills, including implementing my own Management Operating System (MOS) and a formal talent development program. Through his collaborative style, I developed a broader perspective on the operational and financial needs of the company and enhanced my ability to work across a matrix. Most importantly, he coached me through setting up and developing my leadership team, setting the groundwork for significant personal and team success.”

    Eric Rosenbaum, Senior Vice President and General Manager

    “As a founding principal of a successful company, I had significant concern about what being acquired would mean for our people and our business. I was lucky enough to work directly with Pete throughout the integration and couldn’t be happier with the results. Pete was able to quickly identify the unique aspects of our business that were critical to its success, and then collaborate with parent company stakeholders to protect them while still meeting synergy targets. The end result was that we significantly exceeded our growth, profitability, and cross-selling targets while retaining all of our employees.”

    Dave Hood, Co-Owner and President of RPA

    " I particularly valued Pete’s leadership style - how he interacted with all levels of people during these changes, his clear & impactful communications, and his personal involvement and commitment as a leader to develop talent in the organization. The best legacy any leader can leave behind is to have built a strong foundation with strong people that gives long term benefit to the business, and Pete did that exceptionally well."

    Koshy Raji, Finance Director

    “I worked with Pete in several different roles. Above all, I was impressed with his leadership qualities and his collaborative approach to problem solving, helping to develop my critical thinking skills in the process. Pete always gave me the confidence to take on challenges I didn’t think I was ready for (but I was). I would highly recommend Pete to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills, enhance their executive presence, or upgrade their organizational effectiveness.”

    Don Hopkins, Vice President and General Manager

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